Well I have a new site so I will introduce myself to you.
I was born in California on Dec. 25,1945.
Have been married for 41 years to my husband.
Have been together for 44 years.
Met him when I was 14 and he was 17.
Went together for 3 years before we married.

I have four children from my marriage.
My first son Michael was born when I was 17.
My son Michael is now angel.
Was killed on 11/27/2002.
I have 3 living angels
Pamela, Timothy,And Shannon.

Also have 14 grandchildren.
Seven grandsons
and seven grandaughters.

I also am still working.
I am a Quality Control Inspector
for a company that makes dental parts for dentist.
Very nerve racking job.

I belong to six Grief Groups that I found
on the net when I lost my son Michael.
These groups have helped me come along
way through my journey of grief.
I also want to thank my dear friend Reeny for
taking my hand and walking me thur my loss of my son.
Thank you for being here for me.
I love you.

Please feel free to visit my site and sign my guest book and tag page.
I love hearing from all my friends on the web.
May God Grant you all the best and love
in your lives.
I send love and prayers to you all.

Michael's site you can find in my drop down
menu and pictures of my angel and my family.

My husband and I
A gift by Jeanine for our 41st Anniversary

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I am a proud member of Grow Heavenly Angels

I am a proud member of the FS Support Group

I am a proud member of the Angel Connection Support Group

I am a proud member and assit. manager of Heaven's Children

I am a proud member of Angel Feathers

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